Angry fans hoped to make a statement about kneeling NFL players on Sunday. It didn't happen.

Yahoo news reports attendance at most NFL games hit or exceeded season averages despite a grassroots effort to boycott the games on Veteran's Day weekend. Loosely organized movements on Twitter and Facebook hoped the empty some seats and send a message to the player but most stadiums met or exceeded attendance averages for the season.

  • Buffalo: Average 68,944; Sunday: 67,501
  • Chicago: Average 61,779; Sunday: 61,285
  • Jacksonville: Average 59,553; Sunday: 67,164
  • Detroit: Average 63,367; Sunday: 64,646
  • Indy: Average 63,801; Sunday: 66,146
  • Tennessee: Average 67,356; Sunday: 67,432
  • Tampa: Average 60,894; Sunday: 57,911
  • Washington: Average: 77,451; Sunday: 74,476

The NFL reported attendance was up about 1 percent on Sunday with only Tampa Bay and Washington showing significant decreases.

Out of respect for veterans, no players kneeled during the anthem on Sunday.