SEATTLE -- Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett had 2.5 sacks in last Sunday's loss to the Cardinals. But he didn't do his patented sack dance after the NFL fined him for performing it.

The dance involves Bennett putting his hands on the back of his head and swinging his hips. It's a celebration he's done multiple times since joining the team in 2013. But for whatever reason, the dance in the win over the L.A. Rams garnered an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a $12,000 fine.

When asked about it at a regular Seahawks press conference Wednesday, Bennett said a higher power told him not to do it again.

"I just know that they take a lot of money from me so my wife told me to stop dancing. So I'm done with that for a little bit," said Bennett.

Bennett wore a shirt that read "Two Pumps Only." It was a reference to his comments last week about getting fined in which he said "Two pumps get you a baby. Three gets you a fine." The line is a takeoff from this Key and Peele sketch (which may not be suitable for your kids).

To see what the hubbub is all about, here's Bennett doing the dance with KING 5's Chris Egan.

Bennett says he doesn't know yet what he's going to do going forward, but that it needs to be "spontaneous."