We're officially past the halfway point in the 2016 season so let's look at the NFC playoff picture going into the final half of the year.

The Seattle Seahawks helped themselves a lot Monday night with a 31-25 win over the Buffalo Bills.

They got more help the day before in their battle to win the NFC West when the Los Angeles Rams lost to the Carolina Panthers 13-10.

The San Francisco 49ers continued their own battle for the No. 1 pick in next year's draft after losing a 41-23 shootout with the New Orleans Saints.

With the Cardinals on their bye week, here are the updated NFC West standings.

Seahawks 5-2-1

Cardinals 3-4-1

Rams 3-5

49ers 1-7

The Dallas Cowboys continue to be the dominant team in the NFC, beating up in the winless Cleveland Browns 35-10.

The New York Giants edged the Philadelphia Eagles 28-23 to stay within arms reach of the Cowboys.

After a 5-0 start, the Minnesota Vikings dropped their third straight game Sunday, falling to the Detroit Lions 22-16 in overtime.

The Green Bay Packers couldn't take advantage of Minnesota's loss, dropping one at home to the Indianapolis Colts 31-26.

The Atlanta Falcons kept their lead going in the NFC South, beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Thursday 43-28.

The Redskins and Bears were also on byes this week.

Here are the updated NFC playoff standings:

1. Cowboys 7-1 (Home field advantage)

2. Seahawks 5-2-1 (First Round Bye)

3. Falcons 6-3 (Host Wild Card Game)

4. Vikings 5-3 (Host Wild Card Game)

5. Giants 5-3 (Wild Card; at Vikings)

6. Redskins 4-3-1 (Wild Card; at Falcons)

7. Lions 5-4

8. Saints 4-4

9. Packers 4-4

10. Eagles 4-4

11. Cardinals 3-4-1

12. Rams 3-5

13. Buccaneers 3-5

14. Panthers 3-5

15. Bears 2-6

16. 49ers 1-7

Eight weeks to go!