The Seattle Seahawks limped across the halfway point of their schedule Sunday in an ugly, mistake-prone 17-14 loss to the Washington Redskins.

It hurt the Seahawks playoff position. If they win out, they'll make it back to the playoffs for the sixth straight year. But they'll need more help than ever to get the coveted No. 1 seed.

First, let's see how they are doing in the NFC West.

There should no longer be any question whether the Los Angeles Rams are a threat to unseat the Seahawks in the division after L.A.'s 51-17 win over the New York Giants.

The Arizona Cardinals beat the San Francisco 49ers 20-10.

With all that, someone new is atop the NFC West.

Rams 6-2

Seahawks 5-3

Cardinals 4-4

49ers 0-9

That makes this Thursday's game between the Seahawks and Cardinals extra important. A loss would drop Seattle to third in the division.

Now to the rest of the NFC.

The Philadelphia Eagles won their seventh straight game, beating the Denver Broncos 51-23.

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Kansas City Chiefs 28-17.

The most surprising team this season is arguably the New Orleans Saints. After dropping their first two games, they won their sixth straight -- a 30-10 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons dropped back to .500, losing to the Carolina Panthers 20-17.

The Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers face off Monday night. The Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears have byes this week.

So here are your updated NFC playoff standings. The Seahawks are currently on the outside, looking in.

Eagles 8-1 (NFC East Leader; Home field advantage)

Saints 6-2 (NFC South Leader; 1st Round Bye)

Vikings 6-2 (NFC North Leader)

Rams 6-2 (NFC West Leader)

Panthers 6-3 (Wild Card)

Cowboys 5-3 (Wild Card)

Seahawks 5-3

Packers 4-3

Falcons 4-4

Redskins 4-4

Cardinals 4-4

Lions 3-4

Bears 3-5

Bucs 2-6

Giants 1-7

49ers 0-9

Eight weeks left in the season.