CENTRALIA, Wash. – What's in a name? In one Lewis County city, it's enough to warrant a double-take or “Excuse me?”

That's if you’re a guy named Russell Wilson and are part of the lead support staff at Newell Hoerlings Mortuary.

"It always goes to right, and they don't believe you," said Wilson, about what happens when he meets someone new on the job.

But considering his appearance sometimes comes during a time of grief, it "kind of puts a half smile on their face. Anything helps in a situation like that," Wilson said. “(It) changes the mood when they're feeling upset, and you say Russell Wilson, and they're like, ‘Who doesn't like Russell Wilson?’ That would be hard to do."

He's also a Seahawks superfan, who has decked out his home with blue, green, and any Hawk item he can find. His fiancée, Barbara Ann, says she loves it all.

"I think it's very cool that I'm going to marry a man named Russell Wilson who shares a name as the most amazing quarterback of all time," she said.

Wilson says there have been occasional Facebook messages, asking him to sign something, and disappointed people when he checks into hotels, but it could be worse.

"Can you imagine if my name was Bill Cosby?" Wilson joked.

All in all, he says No. 3's success has been positive.

"Because he's done a great job,” Wilson said, “Which is really good, because if he wasn't, I have the same name as him, so it really works out good, for both of us."