Saturday's first round of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament brought large crowds to the UW campus. Although the lady ‘Zags weren't able to get it done on the court and the Huskies were, some might say the real winner was the sport of Women's Basketball.

It's not unusual to see a line outside the Alaska Airlines Arena, but the big crowds are usually reserved for the men. This season, the play of the women’s team has been drawing some of those larger crowds.

“They are just incredible players,” Dorsey Green explained.

Green said the game has evolved significantly since she used to play and she enjoys bringing her family to games.

Many families brought their children for the game against Montana State. The players have built a solid following.

“I really like them, and I want to go here when I grow up," said 10-year-old Alice.

Her dad says the Huskies are having an impact off the court, as well.

“It's amazing because they play great ball and they're a great role model for her," he said.

The team will return to action Monday night against Oklahoma, and many fans said they plan to return for that game. Several long-time women’s basketball fans said they hope the recent surge in enthusiasm will continue to reach more people.