SEATTLE - As football gets underway, the concern of player concussions continues. This season the University of Washington is trying out a new mouthguard that may be what many teams need to keep players safe.

The mouthguard is made by a company called Biometrics out of Kirkland, and they’ve designed a product that is able to instantly detect where and how hard a player has been hit. After impact, the sensor inside the player's helmet will send real-time information back to a computer program that records the level of impact instantly. The technology also allows them to receive alerts if an impact exceeds a certain level.

“When that impact exceeds a certain threshold the training staff is going to get an alert on their mobile phones and it’s going to give them information to go ahead, take a look at that athlete, and make sure they’re ok,” Biometrics Andrew Golden said.

The University of Washington is testing out the mouthguard with 10 different players who play a variety of positions.

“Right now we’re just trying to experiment with the technology, whether it’s accurate, whether it’s easy to use, how useful the information is, and what’s the effect on our actual players,” University of Washington Head Football Trainer Rob Scheidegger said. “We have a great coaching staff who cares about their players, and wants to make changes, and is at the forefront of how they teach their athletes football.”

Right now the mouthguards sell for $199 a piece and so far, more than 60 teams are already using them.

If you’d like more information you can find it on their website