SEATTLE – The Mariners are making more changes off the field.

Franchise executives briefed the Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District Monday on changes to Safeco Field.

Ryan van Maarth, Mariners director of engineering and maintenance, told the PFD the franchise has acquired eight more "trucks" for the wheel system, which operates the roof. He says it’s phase three of an eight-phase effort to replace the roof system. That includes replacing many of the wheels that help to make the roof move and the computer system, which is nearly 20 years old.

In the short term, the M's have added new food options to Safeco again. Van Maarth said Ethan Stowell will front a new Ballard Pizza Company in "The Pen," along with a "Dynamite Chicken" concept. Hop Valley will hoist beers at a new pop-up location, and Great State Burgers, which has a couple Seattle locations, will also have a presence in the stadium.

The PFD board asked Van Maarth and other Mariners executives about homeless encampments near the stadium and any conversations between the M's and the city.

Trevor Gooby, VP of ballpark operation for the Mariners, called it a "priority for us," and that the city assured the franchise that there will be no conflict with fans this season.