The Mariners are the 14th most valuable franchise in Major League Baseball, according to Forbes.

The M's are listed at $1.4 billion, the same valuation they were officially sold to John Stanton's group last August, including Root Sports  That's an increase of 14% from the prior year.

The New York Yankees were listed as the most valuable, at $3.7 billion.  The Tampa Bay Rays were the cheapest at $825 million.  The Oakland A's were right in front of them in 29th place at $880 million.

Here are the top 5 franchises:

- Yankees $3.7 billion

- Dodgers $2.75 billion

- Red Sox $2.7 billion\

- Cubs $2.68 billion

- Giants $2.65 billion

The article also lists Seattle as having the 12th highest payroll on opening day.  The M's are spending $154.2 million on this squad's salaries.  That's up from $142.3 million or 8.3% from last season.

Felix Hernandez makes the most at $26,857,142.  Robinson Cano is second at $24 million.