The state football playoffs kicked off, and while Lynnwood lost in to Lincoln on Friday night , the Royals still had a season to remember with their inspirational quarterback leading the charge. King 5's Chris Egan shares the story.
The Lynnwood football team has had plenty to celebrate.
Thanks to 8 wins the Royals 21-year post-season state playoff drought is over.

Royals quarterback Alton Hammond has thrown and rushed for nearly 40 touchdowns this season, the senior captain is having a year to remember.

Royals Head Coach Keauntea Bankhead says, "He touches the ball every snap and you just kind of hold your breath and know something good is going to happen when he takes off and runs the ball, he's been fun to watch for four years, I can tell you that now."

Receiver Ryley Johnson says, "He doesn't make excuses for anything , he just goes out and does whatever he can to win and takes all of us with him and leads us and goes as hard as he can 100 percent of the time,"
Yet, if there is one player who could make an excuse, it would be Alton.
Alton has been playing football for 10 years.
Easier said than done for someone who has cerebral palsy.
"I was born with it and I never let it hold me down from anything, back when I was in the 2nd grade , my friend Michael said come out and play football, thats when I went out and fell in love with the sport," says Alton Hammond.

Cerebal palsy is a movement disorder which limited development in Alton's right arm.
There's no pain, but he doesn't have a full range of motion.
You'd never know, if you've seen him play.
"I don't want to be singled out as someone with cerebral palsy, I just want to be a football player," says Alton.
"We don't talk about it alot, we treat him as if he doesn't have the condition, when we lift weights he does everything the other kids do, he doesn't want any smypathy," says Bankhead.

4 years ago Coach Bankhead and his staff saw potential in Alton, while others may have just seen the CP.
"I wasn't very strong , I couldn't even do a push-up with my right arm , they helped me a lot," says Alton.

Heart, hustle and hard work, three things which have helped Alton succeed.
"He inspires me everyday, I tell him this often , you are teaching me more than I could probably teach you," says Bankhead.
Alton understands he's becoming a role model and a source of motivation to others who battle with CP.
"Keep working hard and don't let anyone tell you, you can't do it, because I'm doing it and there are other people out there doing it , you have to go out and try to do it and once you like it , you will work hard, get good at it and you are going to be able to do it, " says Alton.

Alton hasn't received any college offers yet, but he would love to play at the next level.
Besides being the quarterback, he also starts at linebacker.