At the Alpha Strength and conditioning gym in Auburn you'll find some of the best weightlifters in the country. Kevin Simons started coaching the sport 6 years ago. "Weightlifting is a sport that really rewards hard work." According to coach Kevin, no one has worked harder over the past 6 years than Auburn Riverside junior Harrison Maurus. "The last six years Harrison hasn't missed a session, he eats well, he sleeps well, he does everything inside and outside of the gym to be a champion," says Kevin.
In 2016 Harrison won several silver medals at international events, but this past April in Thailand the 17-year old would strike gold and then some at the International Youth World Championships. With the gold medal locked up, Harrison would attempt to clean and jerk a weight he had never tried before. "Walking up, I knew it was going to be heavy, I just knew it was going to be exceptionally heavy," says Harrison. "He cleaned it beautifully, perfect lift, stuck the jerk, it could not have been a better lift, it was amazing," says Kevin. It was a world record. 423 pounds. Harrison broke the youth world record and the senior American record. "He is now officially the strongest man in America we've ever had under 170 pounds in the clean and jerk," says Kevin. Harrison now he sets his sights on representing America, at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.