University of Washington football star Dante Pettis is known in Western Washington for making plays on the football field, but on Monday his dad will be in town trying to help lead a baseball team to a win.

Dante’s dad, Gary Pettis, is the third base coach for the Houston Astros. Gary and the Astros kick off a series against the Mariners in Monday’s home opener.

Dante and his father are very close; they talk pretty much every day. Before coaching for the Astros and a few other teams, Gary was a professional ball player.

“Wherever he goes the whole family just follows,” Dante said. “It was the Mets, and then he was with the Rangers for a while, and now we’re with the Astros, so we just follow him around.”

PHOTOS: Dante and Gary Pettis

The Pettis family is a fascinating bunch. Dante’s brother, Kyler, plays Theo on Days of Our Lives, and his mom is a former NFL cheerleader.

Dante is one of the best players on a stacked Huskies football team. He said he’s relied on his dad’s knowledge of sports to help him on his journey.

“He played in the pros, that definitely helps, because he’s been through it all, so he knows a lot about the process that it takes to get to where he went so he passes on a lot of knowledge down to me and I appreciate it,” Dante said.

Coming into Monday’s game, Gary and the Astros started the season at 4-3. Dante said his father is excited about their team.

“He thinks they have a good chance to do pretty good things,” Dante said. “I know he’s excited with who they got in the offseason, and how they ended last year, and hopefully everyone stays healthy and we’ll see what they do.”