SEATTLE – One game at a time. That’s the mantra you hear from every head coach of any sport. It’s meant to keep players from looking past their opponents.

The Washington Huskies, No. 5 in the AP poll, may have a tougher time doing that this week as they prepare for the Oregon Ducks – a team they have not beaten since 2003.

USA TODAY makes a weekly bowl matchup prediction (yes, it’s very much placing the cart before the horse). This week, they are predicting the Dawgs will make it at least to the National Semifinal.

The survey predicts the Huskies would play defending national champion Alabama in the Peach Bowl while Ohio State and Clemson would meet in the Fiesta Bowl. They predict Alabama and Ohio State would reach the national title game.

But first, the Huskies have to get past the Ducks. Then they have to win six more games (one loss may be enough to knock them out of the picture). Then they have to win the PAC-12 championship.