Three games into the season, there is frustration among the Seahawks. They've talked about mistakes they have to clean up going forward.

Their 1-and-2 record has analysts, members of the media and especially the fans wondering what's wrong with the Seahawks? I've read all kinds of stats this week - a defense that ranks dead last against the run. An offense which is guilty of a myriad of bad stats, including a rank of 24th in run blocking.

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Those stats aren't the reason for the Seahawks' struggles; they're the results of those struggles. Oh, and among some of the meaningless stats? The Seahawks' offensive line ranks 14th in "adjusted sack rate." I know what you're thinking - adjusted sack rate? I'm pretty sure no team has lost a football game because of their adjusted sack rate.

This team needs to block out some of the uncharacteristically bad numbers they've produced through three games and just play football.

I think Kam Chancellor put it best. He wants his teammates to stop bickering with other teams. He called it wasted energy and a distraction.

Richard Sherman slamming Marcus Mariota with a late hit. It was a hit that triggered a mini-melee. It also seemed to give the Titans the fire they needed to torch the Hawks for 21-straight points.

Sherman also picked up three penalties on one play. He had his own version of a Gordie Howe hat trick - only it wasn't a goal, an assist and a fight. It was a pass interference, a hold, and an unsportsmanlike conduct. Throw in his unnecessary roughness penalty, and Sherman could coin his own phrase.

Michael Bennett had his moments during the game, all the way down to the final minute when he vented his frustrations after a win was out of reach.

This is the kind of stuff Chancellor, a co-captain on defense, wants to see his team get away from.

The other co-captain on defense, Bobby Wagner, got into it with Doug Baldwin. Pete Carroll was also involved, later saying it's been dealt with; it was part of the heat of the battle.

It's not unusual for those incidents to be a compilation of happenings throughout a season. But all in one game? That is completely out of character for this football team.

Look, this offense isn't going to light anybody up this season, so it's all on the defense. A defense with so much talent, it used to be on autopilot.

Sunday night, it's time for them to get off the ground.