KeyArena could keep its roof

Two groups vying for the city’s big project say they’ll completely remodel the building instead of tearing it down. Both teams say they’ll heavily utilize the area south of KeyArena to create more space. One big sticking point: the price tag. Both are more than HALF A BILLION DOLLARS (which is good news for the one group who claims to have money secured to privately finance their project).

Pay to park

If you’ve ever been to Snoqualmie Falls, you’ve seen the million-dollar view. But how much would you REALLY pay to see it in person? Puget Sound Energy wants you to put your money where your mouth is. Starting May 8th you’ll have to pay to park at the falls gift shop. The 50-space lot is closest to the falls. The upper and lower lots will remain free (but, if we really wanted to walk that far to see something pretty we’d actually go for a hike).

Maternity watch

While the world waits for April to give birth, Woodland Park Zoo staff is on its own maternity watch. An 8-year-old giraffe in Seattle is expected to give birth sometime between late May and early July. You know what that means … weeks -- if not months -- more of the has-that-giraffe-given-birth-yet game. Zookeepers say the due date is tricky to pinpoint, because giraffes are pregnant for a relatively long time (SORRY, APRIL).

Historic Seaboard Building's massive penthouse

Sometimes Seattle feels like a completely different city from what it was a couple decades ago. If you're missing it and have $3.1 million to drop, the penthouse at the Seaboard Building (built in 1908) is for sale. The unit itself is almost 2,000 sq. ft. and the outdoor terrace is more than 1,700 sq. ft (that's bigger than a lot houses!!!). We wanna go to a rooftop party there ... just saying.

Walk the plank (and grab a cold one)

Seattle's newest place to hangout is one of the world's only VR arcades! So now we can hang with zombies, ninjas and mummies. Rooms at Portal Virtual Reality Arcade and Lounge in Ballard are padded (because let's face it, we're clumsy) and you can grab a beer while you battle your friends. We dare you to try Richie's Plank Experience and walk across the board 160m above the ground (virtually, of course).

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