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Got AC?

You’re gonna want it this week. Western Washington is riding into a heat wave – and we could hit triple digits by Thursday. The National Weather Service even issued an Excessive Heat Watch for most of the week. See the forecast here – and pass the iced tea, please!

What's that in the sky?

Did you see it? A bright meteor shot across Northwest skies on Saturday night. The bright green object was spotted from Oregon to Canada and across Washington state. See the scientific explanation here, plus a video clip of the action.

Don't throw out the Pyrex!

Check your kitchen cupboards! Those old Pyrex bowls you inherited from your mom could go for some big bucks online. Vintage Pyrex dishes - often in opaque, bright colors and with some kind of floral motif - have been fetching $700-$900, even $1,800 online. So don't throw them out if you're kitchen purging!

Swimming to freedom

Woodland Park Zoo is saving the day, one turtle at a time with their conservation efforts. Western Pond Turtles born at the zoo are getting a head start before they’re released into the wild. It’s the state’s longest running reintroduction program… And maybe the cutest. Who doesn’t love baby turtles?

The first rule of Fight Club...

You would think that Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk wouldn’t want you to know these secrets, but hey, he’s the one who’s sharing them! If you’re heading to Portland, his picks for the places you must visit include a priceless toy collection, the city of death, and a suburban thrift store. Tell your friend who’s obsessed with Fight Club.

When you realize it's the last day of July...