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Those 5 little letters can be your BFF. We’re talking about do-it-yourself air conditioning. Desperate times call for desperate measures , right? The heat is still kicking up in Western Washington, so now is the time to put your skills to the test.

Got beef with the heat?

Dairy cows in Lewis County were on high stress Wednesday as temperatures climbed and stopped their dairy production. YOU try wearing cow hide all day! So farmers are taking extra steps to keep their heifers happy in the heat. And don't worry—your milk will still be on the shelf when it's time to shop.

The OTHER Green Mountain

If the heat has you ready to escape and enjoy the outdoors (maybe this weekend when it's cooler), Green Mountain near Darrington might be the perfect place to go. In another edition of Ben There, Done That, our KING 5 Meteorologist shows us the beautiful hike. Spoiler alert: The photos are GORGEOUS.

New favorite summer treat?

Forget corndogs and popsicles, we’re obsessing over the over-the-top waffles on sticks From My Sweet Lil Cakes. Their flavors include everything from Blueberry Lemon Ricotta to Baked Chicken and Waffles drizzled with maple butter. YUM. If you see the food truck around Seattle, stop what you’re doing and go get one (you’ll thank us).

Upgrade your movie theatre game

Bellevue’s newest 21+ movie theatre totally changes the way you watch movies. Cinemark Reserve Lincoln Square officially opens today and we’re already planning our next date night here. They have a full bar, heated recliners, gourmet food, and complete seat-side service. Who wants to go see Dunkirk?