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Climbers save "Courage"

A Chihuahua slipped down a cliff in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood, and animal control wasn't equipped to help. Instead, climbers from a local climbing gym were called upon to help save this furry friend. "Courage," the Chihuahua, suffered a broken leg but he's on the mend!

The best reaction EVER

When a grandpa found out he was going to become a great grandpa, his reaction was absolutely PRICELESS! His granddaughter told him with a t-shirt, and from there, he was full of emotions. You have to watch this trending video.

Stay out of these lakes...

Two lakes, Spanaway and Waughop, in Pierce County are infested with toxic algae. You need to stay out of them—and keep your pets away—for a bit. If your furry friend insists on swimming, make sure to hose them down afterwards just in case.

Not your grandpa’s club

When we talk about Elk Clubs, you probably imagine a bunch of older men sitting around with cigars in their mouths. But Ballard’s Elks Lodge #827 is a whole different story. The club has one of the youngest memberships in the nation and is the fastest growing in the country. Maybe it’s because of the private beach and bar?

Puppies hang loose!

What’s cuter than a couple of dogs surfing? Ummmm nothing, obviously! The Lucy Pet Foundation will be at Safeco Field today with the K9 Wave Maker and their surfing pooches. You can watch it live on Evening’s Facebook around noon, or head to the field to see it in person from 6 AM to 8 PM. PS: If you bring your dog they can try it out!

Take us to Rialto Beach in Forks. Credit: Dominic Wilkerson. Want to see your photos featured? Just use #K5Summer on social media!