Students at Eastmont High School are under investigation by the school district and could face legal action after posting racially-driven photos on Snapchat.

The postings circulated on various social media platforms, according to a news release from the eastern Washington school district's superintendent, Garn Christensen.

Christensen told the NCWLIFE Channel there were two different incidents combined in one Snapchat posting. One image showed a student lifting his shirt to reveal another shirt underneath with a Nazi emblem on it. He says that violates district dress code.

The other image was a student, who didn’t know his photo was taken, edited with another image of someone to the side and a racial comment in the caption, Christensen said.

"Please know the comments have no association with official school and District accounts," he said in the statement. "Our administration has identified the involved students and is working to get the images and comments removed as well as take appropriate disciplinary and legal action."