If you've traveled to Sea-Tac Airport in recent weeks you may have seen a man by the name of Eric Haines moving around the airport. Haines is known as the "One Man Band" and plays 19 instruments that are attached to him when he carols throughout the terminal.

"I love what I do and I think that kind of shows through," Haines said. "People are usually happy to see me coming so that's usually good."

From December 16-24 Haines was hired with the help of the merchants at Sea-Tac to entertain the travelers. December 23rd is the busiest travel day of the year at the airport and at times it can get quite stressful. That's why he wanted to help out the passengers with some holiday cheer.

Haines is a professional entertainer who travels across the country playing music, singing songs, and telling jokes. He says he never works a day in his life because he loves what he does.

"I found something I like to do, I want to do, then it pays off in the long run," Haines said. "Follow your goals, figure out what you want to do and really go after it."

Haines, a Western Washington resident, says it's a pleasure to provide a relief and a smile during the holidays.

"I hope that you all have a peaceful and joyful time back with your families this holiday season or if you are not traveling where your families are, I just wish peace and joy for you for all of 2016."