It has been almost seven months since the wildfires last summer killed three firefighters in Twisp. On Saturday, a men's choir honored them with a brand new song at a performance in Seattle.

The men's choir from Central Washington University had been searching for a new song to debut at the performance.

"We were talking about all different kinds of poetry, Native American texts, and nothing was really working. Then in August these three firefighters were killed in Twisp," said Dr. Scott Peterson, the choir's director. 

The loss of life inspired creation: "Firefighters Creed."

The voices of 60 college students echoes the silent voices of the fallen.

"Favorite line is 'my comrades all, sad news to tell, we lost some brothers in the burning hell,'" said choir member Joshua Johnson.

"It means so much. When I sing it, especially the part about burning hell, you really feel like a comrade, like one of the guys," said choir member Nathan Jacobsen.

"It definitely hits home," said Johnson. "I am a veteran. I was in Afghanistan for a while and I can definitely sense some similarities there, a feeling of loss and their brothers."

Danger, death, and a comfort through song.