The votes are tallied, and pedestrians chose a new “worst intersection” in Seattle. Denny and Stewart wins the 2017 title.

“You have to contend with cars that are blocking the crosswalk, over-eager drivers trying to get to I-5, trying to turn right on red, and it creates a really uncomfortable and dangerous intersection for all users,” said Troy Heerwagen, a blogger who organizes the annual contest.

Other finalists include NE 45th Street and I-5, Rainier Ave S and Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, and NE 40th Street and 7th Avenue NE.

“There were 12 nominees, and they were all bad in their own way. I think you could make the case for any of them legitimately being the worst intersection in Seattle,” said Heerwagen, who writes the blog Walking in Seattle and contributes to The Urbanist.

He created the survey five years ago to raise awareness of dangerous intersections and spur conversations about possible solutions.

The City of Seattle is two years into a long-term plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Seattle streets, called Vision Zero. That effort includes redesigning intersections to make them safer for people on foot and on bikes.

Here is the list of “worst intersections” chosen by Heerwagen’s voters:

  • Denny and Stewart
  • NE 45th Street and I-5
  • Rainier Ave S and Martin Luther King Jr. Way S
  • Rainier, Boren, 14th, and Jackson
  • Madison, 24th, and John
  • Nickerson, Florentia, and 3rd Avenue N
  • Rainier, 23rd, and Hill
  • NE 40th Street and 7th Avenue NE
  • North Green Lake Intersections
  • 15th Avenue W and W Dravus Street