A Texas state record breaking alligator was caught Wednesday morning in Liberty County.

Gary Saurage and his crew from Gator Country, in Beaumont, TX, were called in to capture the huge gator from Champion Lake north of Wallisville and Interstate Ten in South Liberty County.

The record breaking reptile, which measured 13 feet, eight inches long and more than 900 pounds, was brought back to Gator Country where it will be given a new home.

Saurage confirmed with Texas Parks and Wildlife that the gator is the largest ever caught in Texas.

"And they let me know by record they don't see anything that's even been within 5 inches of this as for as being caught live. And uh that makes me feel proud. I've been looking for this gator for a really long time. This is without a doubt the highlight of my career," Saurage told 12News.