Supporters of President Trump say they are undeterred by the cascade of headlines coming out the White House, involving Russia, the FBI, and ongoing investigations.

When the cable channels break in with the latest news from the White House or when the front pages have a scoop involving the president and Russia, Georgene Faries just doesn't buy it.

“It is sensationalize, sensationalize, perpetrate a lie, polarize the people, push and push, target somebody, until they fall,” said Faries, president of the Evergreen Republican Women's Club in Snohomish County.

These days, she says they have a lot better things to talk about than the latest controversy involving President Trump.

“I'm happy with my president; I stand fully behind him. I'd like to see the press get off his back. I'd like to see people give him a chance. I'd like to see less negativity. I'd like to see the critics stop micromanaging every little thing he does. None of us could live under that scrutiny,” Faries said.

Doesn't she want to know if there's anything to those reports about Russia?

“Sure, I'm honest. I would like to know, absolutely,” she said.

But she says there should be an equal level of scrutiny of Democrats on other topics.

“Let's look into Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Let's look into her server,” Faries said.

In Pierce County, the group Warriors for Freedom is right there with her. They, too, think the fuss about President Trump and Russia is overblown.

“I think it's just made up because a lot of people don't like Trump. We just got to give the dude a chance to do what he's trying to do for America. He's trying to put America first, so in order to do that we need to build up these relationships with other countries,” said Tiny Toese.

“To me, Trump is in office. They're going to do everything to slander him, to take him out of office, to give him a bad name,” said John Beavers. “He's doing the right thing. Just let him do his job.”