SEATTLE – After keeping up with so many campaigns and watching Presidential candidates battle, voters are ready to vent.

When we asked Susan Lebow what she is sick of, she said the hate and intimidation.

“It creates fear, then people just don’t want to participate. We are in a democracy, we have to participate,” said Lebow.

Jose Olmedo said he is tired of seeing communities so divided.

“It seems to me that it has been very negative, you know everyone is pointing a finger about what they did wrong. What about what we are doing right,” said Olmedo.

On the eve of the election, a group of people took part in a hate-free candlelight vigil at Westlake Park.

Pavan Vangipuram stood up in front of the crowd.

“No matter what happens tomorrow, we are a community, and we will always be one,” said Vangipuram.

After months and months of debates and differences, voters we heard from said now is the time to unite.