SEATTLE - Many students at Chief Sealth High School in West Seattle cannot legally vote, but many instead voted in a mock election Tuesday.

"I think this election year is a mess," said Harrison, 17. "It's a lot of mudslinging. It's pretty much not so much about the issues."

Social studies teacher Noah Zeichner acknowledged teaching civil civic engagement has become a challenge during this cycle.

“We’re trying to teach skills around civic engagement and civil discourse,” he said. “Then the students go home and watch the debates and see the hateful rhetoric and clowning around that happens in this election, and it’s a challenge. We have to keep them grounded in how democracy should work.”

But Zeichner is thinking big picture.

“It’s pretty exciting. We want to instill the power and the value of civic engagement,” he said of Tuesday’s mock election.

The mock election is run through the Washington Secretary of State's office. The results will come out Friday at 1:30 p.m.