TACOMA, Wash. -- The Washington State Democratic Party has threated to sue the Pierce County Auditor over what it says are misleading instructions about mail-in ballots.

If you live in Pierce County and received a ballot by mail, it instructs you to drop off your ballot at a ballot drop box by Nov. 8, no stamp required, or mail it in by Nov. 4, stamp required. State Democrats say this is causing confusion and could keep people from casting their ballots.

"Obviously, not everybody votes the minute they get their ballot...Often times they wait, often times in the last weekend they cast their ballot," said State Democratic Party Chairman Jaxon Ravens at a news conference Thursday.

Auditor Julie Anderson has said the Post Office has told the elections office in the past to encourage people to get their ballots in early to make sure their ballots get in on time.

Under state law, ballots that aren't postmarked by Nov. 8 won't be counted.

State Democrats are encouraging Anderson to send out a corrected mailer with the corrected date, as well as change the information on the Pierce County Elections website, telling voters they have until Nov. 8 to send their ballots.

A spokesperson from Pierce County said Thursday afternoon the auditor's office is working to meet the demands set forth by the Washington State Democrats. The Pierce County Auditor's Office has updated the website and plans to send out a postcard saying ballots must be postmarked by November 8. The auditor's office will also send out a news release.

KING 5's Jenna Hanchard and Liza Javier contributed to this report.