President-elect Donald Trump announced Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is his pick for Attorney General Friday, which could have an implication for local immigration policy.

Sessions is seen as a hard-liner on immigration. If his past comments and President-Elect Trump’s campaign promises are any indication, Seattle and other so-called "sanctuary cities" could lose federal funding if they do not change practices.

While there’s no legal definition of what a sanctuary city is, in Seattle it means police cannot inquire or share people’s immigration status.

That stance was reiterated this week by several Seattle-area leaders.

In a statement released Friday, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray denounced Sessions’ appointment.

“President-Elect Trump’s choice underscores the need for cities like Seattle to standup for our values of inclusiveness and compassion,” he said.

A blog post by Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole wrote: “The policies of the Seattle Police Department regarding immigration status will not change.”

And in a Tuesday press conference, King County Executive Dow Constantine said, “We do not as a matter of policy established by the council and the executive ask for people’s papers before we provide them critical services, and we will not begin doing so now.”

When asked if that meant policy would be kept even given the prospect of losing federal money, Constantine stated, “We will see if they have the courage to live up to that.”

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