There was no doubt in Andrew Maxwell's mind who would win the Presidential election.

"I think Trump is going to be one of our great Presidents," said Maxwell, the man behind a group called Seattle Patriots for Trump, "He's going to make fantastic decisions. And he's going to piss a lot of people off, like he already has. And that's fine."

Maxwell's comments come as protests continue to sprout up in cities across the nation. Monday, thousands of Seattle students marched through downtown against the election of Donald Trump to the White House.

"This is democracy," said Maxwell, "What upsets me is when they start destroying things."

However, opined Maxwell, if Democrat Hillary Clinton had won, the streets would be clear.

"I don't see myself doing this. I don't see that this does anything," he said.

He is convinced once Trump takes office and starts implementing policy, "I think a lot of these people are going to flip around."