The City Council on Monday laid out a plan for replacing now Mayor Tim Burgess on a short term basis.

It passed a plan to start accepting applications for the term, which opened up when Burgess was appointed Mayor. The Councill accept them until Sunday, October 1st, and the City Clerk will deliver a full list next Monday, October 2.

It's now anticipated, based on the resolution, the public and sitting councilmembers will have a chance to interview the candidates the following day, October 3.

They are expected to make a selection on Friday, October 6. That person will fill Burgess' vacated seat until November 28 when the new mayor takes office.

Council President and former Mayor Bruce Harrell said it was important the temporary councilmember have budget experience.

Nick Licata, a former councilmember, has told multiple people he's interested in filling the role. Jon Grant or Teresa Mosqueda will take over the council position as soon as the election results are certified in November.