New fundraising numbers in Seattle’s mayoral race reveal former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan has raised more than $822,000, compared to urban planner Cary Moon’s more than $278,000. Moon has self-funded nearly half of her contributions, so far.

Contributions to Jenny Durkan

What Durkan has spent

Contributions to Cary Moon

What Moon has spent

Campaign finance reports reveal both candidates have spent much of the money on advertising, both digital and television ads set to hit the airwaves this week.

Durkan’s campaign also spent more than $36,000 on a poll, according to a filing report.

A large amount of independent money has also poured into the mayoral race, through a PAC formed in support of Jenny Durkan.

The group People for Jenny Durkan has raised nearly $850,000 from political action committees—much of the money coming from the Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce’s political arm known as CASE (Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy)

Top donors to CASE include Amazon at $350,000, Vulcan at $189,062, Washington Assoc. of Realtors at $100,000 and CenturyLink at $ $52,500.

Full list of donors to CASE

Other donors to People for Jenny Durkan include political action committees connected to Seattle firefighters, the union SEIU 775, and other labor PACs.

Full list of contributors to People for Jenny Durkan

While much of the money raised has not yet been spent—$118,000, so far--the race could set a new independent spending, if that changes.

An independent PAC in support of Cary Moon, People for Moon has raised $25,000.

Note candidates cannot control independent expenditures.