Just two days before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in the second debate, questions remain about how each candidate will try and highlight the other’s perceived weaknesses.

According to data released from Fluent, a marketing and advertising technology company which conducts online polls, the most effective attack against Trump is that he's "too impulsive." The strongest argument against Clinton? Her private email server.

Fluent has been asking people online about the most effective attacks against the candidates since late May.

The most recent poll, released October 4th, found 28% of those surveyed thought saying he was “too impulsive” would be the best attack against Trump. In late September, that number was 21%. In the intervening days, Trump went on a late-night Twitter rant against a former Miss Universe and criticized her for gaining weight after winning the title.

Along those same lines, “disrespects women” has gone up 2 points since Sept. 24 as a Trump attack line. It is now at 8%, which is the highest it’s been since July.

Since May, those surveyed said that Clinton’s private email server has remained the most effective attack against her. The number jumped 4 points in late September, the same month the FBI released a slew of notes from the investigation into the private email server.

While FBI Director James Comey recommended in July that charges not be brought and there weren’t any major bombshells in the September release, the conversation around Clinton's use of a private server while at the State Department has continued.