That's the first sentence in a mailer being sent out by a conservative political action committee to some Washington state residents that shows the names and addresses of their neighbors and whether they have voted in the past three elections.

It's putting some people on edge.

"While this may be publicly available information, this is wrong. Certainly, you do not condone this attempt at voter shaming?" wrote one person on Facebook.

"This information could cause problems, especially in such a heated election season with emotions running high. To call out individuals for choosing whether or not to exercise their (optional) right to vote is wrong and dangerous," wrote another.

The flyers sent by the GOPAC Education Fund, reportedly do not list HOW those people voted -- just whether or not they cast a ballot.

The Seattle Times reports the mailers were sent to voters in Bellevue among other places. KGW in Portland reports the mailers also went to homes in Vancouver. And a similar tactic is being used in Arizona

The mailers do not promote one party over the other. But on its website, GOPAC says "We build a roster of prepared and tested Republicans ready to lead."

UW political science professor Mark Smith tells the Times the mailers are not going to everyone in the state. He suggests they are being targeted toward people who are likely to vote the way GOPAC wants them to vote.

The state Republican Party also posted a video on Facebook warning "Your neighbors will know if you don't vote" and "Your voting record is public."