A family of Iraqi refugees, who were not able to come to the U.S. because of the U.S. travel ban, are now settling into a new life in Seattle.

They made it to Seattle after the President Donald Trump’s travel ban was halted, and say they hope others who have escaped war can do the same.

“Those countries who led the war against Iraq, they are responsible to take care of those people who have fled from Iraq and became refugees, so they have to take care of them. USA is one of those countries,” said Wasfi Rabaa, who came to the U.S. in 2010 after enduring a kidnapping, torture, and harassment in the years following the invasion of Iraq.

He assisted U.S. forces and was almost killed by insurgents for doing so.

Rabaa and many others are waiting to find out what happens in court as the Trump administration fights to put stricter limits on immigration.

His sisters Salwa and Abtsam had been trying for years to reunite with him in Seattle, but those plans were put on hold this year when the Trump administration enacted the travel ban.

They made it to Seattle in February after a judge halted the ban.

“I lived the pain and I know it was really so hard for someone who has been prevented from coming, especially if they were waiting for years. I was waiting for 13 years, and it was really so hard for me when they say, no, you can't come now. You have to wait,” Abtsam Rabaa said.