Calls to stop the deportation of a Lakewood man rang loud Friday morning outside the Department of Homeland Security office in Tukwila.

Most of the protest circle was made up of adults, but at the center was a 7-year-old who is also at the heart of why everyone was there.

"I love him so much. Without him, I don't know what my future will be like," Natalie Robles said.

Robles' father, Jose, and his attorney asked for a stay of removal, which means delaying deportation for at least a year.

"Ever since we were little we've been driven. We have goals we want to achieve. He came here looking for a better life for us," said daughter Brenda Robles.

Jose Robles spoke through his lawyer acting as interpreter, saying he is most worried about his family.

"I feel pressure and stress just thinking more so what will happen to my family if I'm deported,” he said. “That's what matters the most for me.”

He has no family left in Mexico, and he's not sure what he'll do if he's deported. In 2010, he was arrested after a fight with a neighbor, but was never charged.

Since then, Robles has faced deportation, but each year has been granted a one-year delay.

"That was at the time Obama was in office, so those priorities were very different. Since Trump is now in office, those priorities don't count anymore," said his attorney Sandy Restrepo.

Robles will learn his fate in a few weeks or a few months.

Natalie Robles held her sign for an hour outside Homeland Security hoping someone inside might read it.

"If you take my dad away from me, it's as if you take away my wings and with them my dreams," she said.