The presidential election didn't go as planned for half the country, and now thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters are scrapping their inauguration plans, too. On the flip side, more hotel rooms will be open for Donald Trump supporters attending the historic event.

Cindi Laws and her aunt Margaret Munro are staunch Clinton supporters and made plans months ago to attend the inauguration of the first woman president.

"It was such a historic occasion," said Laws. "I wanted my aunt Margaret to be here with me to observe this incredible history and to celebrate together."

They both volunteered for more than a year on the Clinton campaign from Washington. Munro was even named Democrat of the Year in Benton County. Through the years, the two tirelessly worked on multiple Democratic campaigns and they just knew this was their year – that is until Tuesday night at the 'I'm with Her' watch party in Seattle.

"It was just like the mood was devastating," said Laws, as she starts to tear up. "The part that was just absolutely clutch-your-throat were the number of moms who brought their kids. They brought their little girls and as they are walking through, these little girls are all wearing their Hillary shirts."

"I was very, very sad," said Munro. "I am just now beginning to recover."

Laws bought the airline tickets and reserved the hotel rooms. She also submitted a request with her congressman to attend the swearing-in ceremonies on January 20, 2017.

Now she's working to unravel her travel plans. She said she picked an airline that will give her credit and she's hoping a Trump supporter will pick up her hotel.

"There will be tens of thousands of Trump supporters that are going to want hotel rooms that I've booked. So thank you eBay," said Laws with a laugh.