SEATTLE - Council member Debora Juarez made a subtle joke on Monday.  

"I am here, so everyone can see me," she said during a morning briefing.  It prompted a smile from her colleague Lorena Gonzalez.

It was a direct reference to a botched vote last week, over the bike sharing service known as Pronto. The bike share service has struggled and, according to a city estimate, needs an infusion of money to stay afloat and operational.  The council has considered a measure to bail out the system and potentially expand it.

Council member Mike O'Brien, who chairs the transportation committee, miscounted a vote on a measure on whether to rescue the bike share system, announcing it as a 3-3 tie.  Juarez did not immediately correct him.

She later pointed out she voted to approve, making it a 4-2 vote.

On Monday, O'Brien apologized, saying, "I can do a better job there."

In the big picture, it is a minor subplot to a major question before the council.

Council member Rob Johnson, a transportation choices advocate, says he believes Pronto can still be a solid service.

"The privatized systems that have happened are in cities much larger than ours," said Johnson, who added that he may only change one thing the next time it comes up for a vote.

"I'm going to ensure that when we have split votes, when we have votes, people are going to raise their hands."