The Washington State Department of Corrections is issuing layoff notices to around 3,000 corrections officers and prison staff in anticipation of a partial state government shutdown.

DOC says counties will be required to hold any offenders in their already max-capacity jails because no prisoner transports will be possible. The state's prisons will essentially be put on lockdown if government shuts down, causing concern among corrections officers.

"It's a safety issue," said Sgt. Michael Boe, a corrections officer at the Monroe Correctional Complex. Boe and others know that when inmates lose privileges during lockdown situations, it can often cause a hostile environment.

"Some of my guys will be left to a 'one-man post'," he said. "Jayme Biendl was killed on a 'one-man post'.

Biendl was a fellow correction officer who was murdered by an inmate in 2011.

DOC and the Teamsters union representing the officers say they are hopeful an 11th-hour budget deal can be reached before a partial shutdown.