Everett, WA - With tweets, texts, posts and blogs, Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson makes the most of technology to treat her patients.

"I read so many press releases, I read so many stories," Dr. Swanson said.

Best known as "Seattle Mama Doc", this mother of two and pediatrician makes rounds at the Everett Clinic, writes a parenting blog for Seattle Children's and posts videos on-line. Thousands of families follow the Mama Doc through social media. Even so, she's now gone "old school" by authoring her first book full of information to keep kids healthy titled "Mama Doc Medicine."

"So putting it in a book was to accomplished two things to bring old content to light and collection and really to let people peruse it in ways you can't do on line," Dr. Swanson said.

From all the medical information at her finger tips, Dr. Swanson shares her top advice for parents.

"I often say, there are five things you have to do if you want to feel like you are doing the best job," Dr. Swanson said.

"Number one, you have to use the car seat well. You need to use a rear facing car seat until your baby is over two."

Dr. Swanson said, "Another thing, the really luxurious part of living today is we have the luxury of the number of vaccines that we do, and so the other thing we have to do is get your child vaccines and I would support getting them on time."

Dr. Swanson's third suggestion is to feed your kids fresh foods. Use the "half and half" rule.

"We want half of everything you serve your children to be fresh fruits and vegetables," said said.

"Number 4, go outside and be without a ceiling every single day. Even in our climate want kids to be outside, moving their body and playing every single day . So, be without a ceiling."

Dr. Swanson continued, "And my last point is really about valuing sleep. Take televisions out of your child's room and limit screen time before bed time. I want families to really know that consistency is really the secret sauce to parenthood and that keeping the screen out of the bedroom will allow them to keep a regular bedtime and get a good consistent night's sleep."

Parents will sleep better, too. They'll find calm and confidence by following just what the "Mama Doc" ordered.