The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue unit is warning people that Mount Pilchuck is not an easy day hike for those who aren't well-trained or well-equipped.

In the last seven days, search and rescue crews have saved four hikers—two who were seriously injured—at Mount Pilchuck.

“A late spring melt out and heavy winter snow pack on the mountain has made the trail up Mt. Pilchuck slippery and very hard to navigate,” said Search and Rescue Sgt. Danny Wikstrom. “All of our recent rescue missions to Mt. Pilchuck have been above the snowline and three of them involved persons not dressed or equipped for the conditions on the mountain.”

In three of the rescues, the hikers got stuck in the snow, according to the sheriff's office. One hiker was treated for hypothermia.

The sheriff's office recommends carrying the 10 essentials, staying on the trail, only hiking if prepared for changing conditions and spending the night, and leaving a hiking plan with someone who can call 911 if you don't return home on time.