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OLYMPIA, Wash. - Film and TV production crews working in the state said they would likely take their projects elsewhere if a tax incentive expires this summer.

The state’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program gives production crews $3.5 million in tax breaks for films or programs shot in the state of Washington.

That agreement is set to expire with the current state budget, June 30, 2017.

Several dozen directors, producers, makeup artists, and actors came to Olympia Monday to encourage lawmakers to support the film industry.

Makeup artists turned extras into zombies on the Capitol steps to illustrate the kind of jobs the state could lose if the tax incentive expires.

“We’d be gone,” said Karl Schaefer, executive producer of Z-Nation, a program featuring zombies shoots episodes in Spokane.

But Schaefer said they have looked at other locations with the tax break in peril.

“We’d be shooting in Canada,” said Schaefer. “We’d be shooting in Oklahoma or Bulgaria.”