Whether they’re volunteering or paid, Yelm School District employees will no longer be allowed to drink alcohol while acting as camp supervisors.

Yelm Community Schools Superintendent Brian Wharton said the district is investigating claims that assistant coaches drank beer while they were off-duty during a football camp at George Fox University in Oregon in June.

Wharton said since the coaches were volunteering to attend the camp, they technically were not in violation of the district’s alcohol use policy.

He said that policy will likely be changing to prohibit any alcohol use at any event with anyone affiliated with the school district.

“This will not happen again,” said Wharton, who noted he did not believe any of the coaches were drunk. “There’s a big difference of having a beer and being intoxicated."

Toby Cordova, whose son is on the team and went to the camp, said the coaches berated the players and made them perform exercises at midnight after the coaches had been drinking. Cordova said his son will likely transfer and play football at a different school.

“That is not something we're going to teach our child,” said Cordova. “That's not a value we want our child to learn."

The superintendent said reports that the assistant coaches, as well as the players, were swearing at the camp is unacceptable.

“We can’t as a school system say that’s ok, and we never will,” said Wharton.

He said the district’s investigation is ongoing; it’s unclear if any of the assistant coaches will be disciplined.