In the market for a historic bridge? The Washington State Department of Transportation has an opportunity for you.

After 86 years on the South Fork Newaukum River in Lewis County, the bridge is ready to be retired. Rust and corrosion has made the pony truss bridge functionally obsolete, but WSDOT still wants it to go to a good home. It's located about five miles east of Onalaska.

The rare bridge has a historic listing, and is one of just 13 pony truss bridges remaining on Washington roadways.

WSDOT closed the bridge in January 2015, and the community has been using a temporary Bailey bridge ever since. Construction for a new bridge is scheduled to be completed in spring 2018.

WSDOT is selling the two 90-foot steel Warren pony trusses with verticals. The bridge deck and substructure aren’t included. Costs related to removing and transporting the bridge in an environmentally safe way fall on the buyer.

The department also asks that the buyer use the trusses in a way that preserves it’s historical relevance – the ultimate restoration project!

For more information, contact WSDOT.

Photos: South Fork Newaukum River Bridge