TUMWATER, Wash. - The state on Thursday honored 79 men and women who died from workplace injuries or illnesses in 2016. The list includes loggers, construction workers, and first responders.

Their names were placed in a book on display at the headquarters of the state's Department of Labor and Industries. Relatives could ring a bell in the state's memorial garden.

“It’s pretty amazing they do this,” said Tina Meyer, whose son Cody Meyer died last May. The 24-year-old was hit by a car while he was working as a utility flagger in Issaquah.

The driver of the car admitted he was looking at his phone, not the road. Meyer testified before lawmakers in Olympia in an attempt to strengthen the state’s distracted driving law. She wants her son’s story to help save other lives.

“He would have wanted me to make sure that somebody else’s life was affected in a positive way from this,” said Meyer.