A Tacoma woman is asking for the public's help after a thief stole something irreplaceable from her car overnight. She was in the process of moving and fell asleep Wednesday night before she remembered to unload everything from the car.

When she walked outside Thursday morning, someone had gone through her car. They didn’t take everything, but they grabbed a small glass heart that was filled with her late father’s ashes.

Asandra Morton said she and her father were very close “he was my heart, everyone who knows me knows that was my world.” Morton says she was always a bit of a daddy's girl and was devastated when he died suddenly back in 2014.

She never got the chance to say goodbye; so instead of letting go, she's carried him with her ever since. “Each of his kids got a heart, it's a glass heart with a cork on top and it's just his ashes.”

Her father's ashes had been inside a bag that was buried under layers of clothes. Thieves stole some of the clothing and then grabbed some things that were in the bag, including her dad’s ashes.

“I feel like I don't have him, like I lost him again,” she explained. She reported it to police but doesn't care if the thieves are caught or if she gets anything else back, she just wants her dad’s ashes.