A woman was removed from a United Airlines flight Tuesday morning at Sea-Tac Airport and later arrested for throwing her mother's walker.

The 53-year-old woman was traveling from Seattle to Houston on United Flight 1121 with her mother, a woman in her 80s, when a flight attendant asked them to move a bag from the seat in front of them to an overhead bin.

Airport spokesman Brian DeRoy said that didn't happen—and one of them didn't have their seat in the upright and locked position.

The two women refused to fix the two issues, forcing the plane to return to the gate.

Airport police boarded the plane to talk to the two women, but then decided to evacuate the entire plane. The women were taken to a nearby United office, DeRoy said.

The airline originally planned to offer them a refund, but "something happened" and the 53-year-old threw her mother's walker.

She was arrested for malicious mischief.