San Francisco, one of the nation's hottest real estate markets is becoming one of the coolest, and that's concerning some experts who wonder if that trend could spread to cities like Seattle.

The Bay Area is seeing many buyers no longer interested in chasing overly inflated home prices, and according to Case-Shiller Indices, that may be to blame for only 5 percent growth.

That is well behind other major metropolitan markets, including Seattle which is seeing around a 12.9 percent increase in home prices year-over-year.

"What's happening in San Francisco has nothing to do with us here," said Svenja Gudell, chief economist with Zillow. "I think we'll see a few more years of rapid growth, brought on by a very healthy local economy here. So we're not going to see any kind of plateauing anytime soon."

Jon Bye, with Jon Bye & Associates, is a broker who has tailored his business to help families navigate through such a competitive housing market. He also agrees that the market still has a long runway of growth ahead, because he still sees so much demand.

"All of the loans right now are real loans with real people and real money," said Bye. "That's what our market is built on. But that being said, you've got to plateau sometime."