Washington voters re-elected Gov. Inslee and Sen. Patty Murray, and passed a statewide minimum wage initiative. ST3, a massive Puget Sound Transit expansion, is poised to pass.

Here’s the highlights from some of Washington’s hot races:

Governor: Inslee defeats Bryant
Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee defeated Republican challenger Bill Bryant for a second term. Early returns showed Inslee earned 56 percent of the vote compared to Bryant’s 44 percent.

Senate: Murray prevails over Vance
Democratic Sen. Patty Murray was elected to a fifth term against Republican challenger Chris Vance. The win makes Murray one of the longest serving senators in Washington state and the fourth ranked Democrat in the Senate.

Congressional District 7: Walkinshaw concedes to Jayapal
In the tightly contested Congressional District 7, Pramila Jayapal emerged the winner after State Representative Brady Walkinshaw conceded. Jayapal will replace longtime Congressman Jim McDermott.

Lt. Governor: Habib defeats McClendon
Cyrus Habib captured 56 percent of the vote to defeat Marty McClendon. Habib will replace Brad Owen, who has served as Lt. Governor for 20 years.

Secretary of State: Wyman leads Podlodowski
Republican Kim Wyman was elected to a second term, leading Democrat Tina Podlodowski with 53 percent of the vote.

Puget Sound transit expansion plan ST3: Poised to pass
Early returns showed voters approved a $54 billion measure that would build 62 miles of light rail, add rapid bus service and Sounder trains, and add new transit infrastructure.

Minimum wage initiative: Approved
Voters passed a minimum wage initiative that would increase the statewide minimum wage from $9.47 to $13.50 per hour by 2020. The measure also requires employers to provide paid sick leave.

Carbon tax: Rejected
Washington voters rejected what would have been the nation's first direct carbon tax on the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline. Early returns show 59 percent of voters said no to the tax hike.