The Vietnam war memorial visiting DuPont this weekend is only a replica of the original, but the people of DuPont say it is still an honor to welcome it.

“I’m speechless. Very, very moving,” said one of the several dozen DuPont residents lining the entrance to town Wednesday afternoon.

The memorial, an 80 percent scale of the Washington D.C. site, will be on display Thursday afternoon through Sunday at DuPont’s Powderworks Park.

There is no charge to see the memorial.

Like the memorial in the nation’s capital, the replica sponsored by the American Veterans Traveling Tribute has the names of the 58,000 Americans killed during the war.

Veterans and police gave the trailer carrying the memorial a police and motorcycle escort from Lakewood into DuPont.

DuPont resident and Vietnam veteran Philip Courts has seen the memorial in Washington, D.C., but is eager to visit the replica. He’s most interested in finding two names.

“Lt. D. Stone… and Capt. Speer,” said Courts. “They actually engaged a 12.7 machine gun position that was firing at me, saving my life, saved the crew’s life.”