LACEY, Wash. - A 63-year-old disabled veteran is being hailed as a Good Samaritan for attempting to stop a hit-and-run suspect.

Thurston County Sheriff's deputies responded to reports of a collision on Tuesday near the intersection of Sleater-Kinney Road and 15th Avenue Northeast.

Witnesses at the scene told detectives the suspect driver made a wide turn and collided with an oncoming vehicle on 15th Avenue. Neither driver received significant injuries.

The Good Samaritan pulled his vehicle over and approached the suspect's vehicle to check on the welfare of the driver.

Immediately observing the suspect's attempts to flee the scene in his vehicle, the Good Samaritan put his arm into the suspect's vehicle to stop the driver from leaving an active crash scene. The suspect grabbed his arm and began driving the vehicle forward, dragging the 63-year-old.

The Good Samaritan was drug alongside the vehicle and ultimately slipped underneath it before it came to a final rest. During this forward progression, the suspect struck another nearby vehicle that had also stopped after witnessing the initial crash.

After getting the vehicle stuck in a ditch, the suspect began to flee on foot and quickly apprehended by arriving deputies. He was booked into for hit-and-run and assault charges.

The 63-year-old victim was transported to the hospital with a broken arm, broken ribs and laceration to his head.